Promotional Socks


At Thinkin Sox we can manufacture socks with your logo/tagline/corporate identity.


We know that everything with your identity, is a reflection of you and/or your company. That's why we're committed to offering the highest quality products. Make a statement with your company's promotional socks, or be a conversation starter. Leave a lasting impression with meaningful and memorable socks.


Promotional socks are useful and unique items that can be woven with your logo and designed to keep your message in front of your customers and prospects for extended periods of time.


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“From the renderings to the prototypes to the final product, it was an absolute pleasure.  Thinkin’ Sox use the highest quality materials.  They feel and look like a $25 pair of socks purchased at Neiman Marcus.  They make great gifts for clients and employees.  These socks have even elevated our awareness within our distributor.  The UK has requested “McLaren Philadelphia Socks”.  When it comes to Men’s Work Wear there are really only two items that can separate you,  a tie or a pair of socks.”

-Chad Sierer | Business Manager | McLaren Philadelphia



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